Go back to simpler times when dinner was caught in the morning, handshakes sealed deals, and a special bottle of spirit was shared around the fire with friends. We invite you to taste our handcrafted spirits in our tasting room at 4000 ft elevation. You’ll have an opportunity to view our production space from behind our large interior viewing windows while slowly sipping our spirits and enjoying a rotating cocktail selection.

While you're visiting us, don't miss the exceptional beauty of our Sierra Nevada home. Tucked in the outdoor haven of Arnold, our county of Calaveras is among the least populated in the state of California. It has long welcomed hearty individuals undeterred by the grit of rural mountain life. From the California Gold Rush to the discovery of the majestic Giant Sequoia just down the road from Hinterhaus, generations of adventurers and travelers have made their way here to seek their fortunes and future. 

After visiting us, you’ll find world class recreating options nearby including Calaveras Big Trees State Park’s breathtaking giant sequoia, hiking trails and fishing holes, golfing, boutique shopping, live music, and Bear Valley Ski Resort to name a few. We are just a few hour’s drive from both Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, making us a wonderful stop along your Sierra Nevada pilgrimage. We invite you to see for yourself what continues to attract people to our special neck of the woods. Start planning by visiting today.


Where can I purchase your spirits?

Our spirits are exclusively available at our distillery and tasting room in the heart of the
California Sierra at 925 Highway 4, Arnold, California.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open to the public Friday through Sunday 12 to 5pm for onsite purchases. Tasting by reservation only.

Do you offer tastings and tours?

We offer tastings and occasional tours. All tastings and tours are currently by reservation only. Please see our reservations page for more information and to book your visit.

Are children allowed inside the distillery and tasting room?

No one under the age of 21 is permitted inside our premises. Please arrange
accordingly. Patrons should expect to show I.D. when ordering a tasting flight or cocktail.

Are pets allowed inside the distillery and tasting room?

As we do not offer an outdoor space, we ask that our fellow canine lovers please make
other arrangements for their 4-legged companions when visiting us.

Why am I limited to purchasing 3 bottles of your spirits?

California law prohibits distilleries from selling more than 2.25 liters (3x 750ml bottles of
spirit) to any adult in any one day.

Do you ship your spirits?

At this time, we are unable to ship our spirits due to California state law.

How do tastings work?

Our tasting room offers guests an opportunity to try our spirits neat (aka undiluted) in
0.25oz pours. California law prohibits us from serving any guest more than 1.5oz of
spirits per day, and our tasting and menu options are individually curated to our guests’
taste and do not exceed the maximum amount.

Can I purchase a cocktail in your tasting room?

**Due to COVID restrictions we are not offering cockatil service at this time.** Guests in our tasting room have the pleasure of selecting from a seasonal selection of
cocktails and mixed drinks that feature our spirits. California law prohibits us from
serving any guest more than 1.5oz of spirits per day, so patrons are restricted to the
purchase of 1 cocktail accordingly.

Do you serve food?

At this time, we do not operate a commercial kitchen. We offer a few high quality, non-
perishable snacks in our mercantile shop. Guests are welcomed to bring uncooked
foods to enjoy at one of our tables.

Can we host a private event in your tasting room?

We would be happy to discuss your private event. Please give us a call so we may
determine if our tasting room would be the appropriate site for it. 209.890.7084.

Are your spirits gluten-free?

At Hinterhaus, we take gluten allergies and sensitivities seriously. The National Celiac
Association along with the FDA state that distilled spirits including those made from
grains are naturally gluten-free thanks to the process of distillation that separates glutens
from the remaining compounds (gluten does not vaporize). Our whiskeys are distilled
from grains and are gluten-free. Our vodka and liqueurs are distilled from grapes and are
also gluten-free.


Due to COVID19 restrictions, the status of tastings and having patrons indoors is week to week. We may not be able to offer all of the services mentioned below.