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Hinterhaus Distilling Bourbon barrels in the barrel house.


A black and white photo of the Hinterhaus Distilling co-owners and family around a bourbon barrel.

rear building, house at the back

Hinterhaus is named in honor of the hinterland at our doorstep - the vast Sierra Nevada wilderness that has long beckoned explorers and adventurers to this breathtaking mountain range. Our spirits are born beneath the long shadows and rustling needles of tall trees using fresh mountain water that flows just beyond our doors before bottling at our 4000 ft perch. We are proudly family operated, and we collaborate with our neighbors to source local ingredients and casks. Every spirit we produce reflects the pristine region we call home. Enjoy a taste of the Sierra with us, and we raise a dram to those who carve their own path.




World Vodka Awards Best of the USA

Winner, Best of the United States, Hinterhaus North Grove Vodka

Superbly rich and complex, featuring vine fruit, ice cream, and chocolate, with a fantastic texture for easy sipping. It boasts a strong character, residual grape flavor, and a tartness balanced by a port-like finish. Delicate honey aromas lead to sweet caramel and floral tastes, with dandelion and a light woodiness. Balanced heat with white pepper notes complements the smooth, floral, dairy, and fruity profile.

- World Vodka Awards -

The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey Review: Hinterhaus Distilling Calaveras Cask Strength Single Barrel Reserve

Hinterhaus Distilling Calaveras Cask Strength Single Barrel Reserve is a testament to the future of finished bourbons and a masterpiece of a craftsman pursuing his craft. 5 out of 5 stars.  

- The Whiskey Wash -


The 30 Best Rye Whiskeys for 2023 - Best Rye Whiskey over $100

Trapper’s Oath delights with vibrant aromas of cherry-flavored bubble gum, which prove to be a worthy foil for old oak and the [Stout Beer] finishing casks.

- VinePair -

Wine Enthusiast

Is the best Bourbon really from Kentucky? Maybe not.

94 Points, Top 10 Bourbon, Top 100 Spirit

- Wine Enthusiast -


American Single Malt Whiskeys We Love, Tasted Double Blind And Ranked

It’s classic American single malt whiskey and feels like it through and through.

- Uproxx -

Pekut and Carwick

Say Hello to Hinterhaus Distilling

...we love that they’re building a business on sourcing models that are innovative, scalable, and realistic; on nuanced techniques like open fermentation, elevage (a term for more attentive barrel aging), and slow proofing; and on inviting more people into a whiskey world where expertise is ungendered.

- Pekut and Carwick -


The Best Craft Vodkas According To The American Distilling Institute

Best in Category, Double Gold

- The American Distilling Institute -


Sierra Gold Country’s award-winning spirits at Hinterhaus Distilling


American Grown: My Job Depends on AG - AGdaptation

The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey Review: Hinterhaus American Single Malt Whiskey - Discovery

A stunning testament to the wild possibility of expression that can be found in carefully sourced base ingredients. This is simply excellent malt whiskey.

- The Whiskey Wash -

Wine Enthusiast

11 of our Favorite Gins for Martinis

This a bold gin, with plenty of fruit and funk. Hints of orange peel, maple and red fruit lead to a piquant exit sprinkled with pink and black pepper. 

- Wine Enthusiast -

Calaveras Enterprise

From small business to small-town success story

When Nate and Bonnie Randall set out to build a craft distillery in Arnold, they didn’t know what the future held, but dozens of medals, awards, and distinctions from the global industry paint a clear picture—as clear as their small-batch in-house distilled spirits— of a passion-project turned success story.

- Calaveras Enterprise -



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