At Hinterhaus Distilling, we showcase the best that our Sierra Nevada home has to offer. We partner with local vintners and brewers in the region to create our small batch spirits that shine a spotlight on our area’s unique characteristics and dedicated, hard working people. As our collaborations grow, so too will our list of unique bottlings. Our tasting room and Alpine Club are always the first places where we unveil new releases.


Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Calaveras County Wine Barrels
46% abv  |  92 proof  |  750ml  |  $39
This easy drinking bourbon offers a flavor profile that’s rich in honey and graham cracker notes to delight both whiskey savants and newbies alike. Following an aging process of at least 3 years in new charred American Oak barrels, we nod to our area’s robust foothill wine region by plunging our Bourbon into casks that previously aged Calaveras County wines. With this distinct local twist, each Batch # features a different winery and grape varietal that allows for new adventures to be had in every bottle. We keep it as pure as possible by avoiding chill filtration and color additives.
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Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Calaveras County Wine Barrels
abv and proof varies |  750ml  |  $67
With limited bottles and occasional releases, this bourbon is a delight for whiskey connoisseurs and collectors. Putting aside exceptional single barrels of Calaveras Cask Finish Bourbon, we allow additional finishing in local wine barrels and present this spirit at cask strength - from 112 to 120 proof . This undiluted presentation concentrates the bourbon's flavors of rich honey and stonefruit while allowing for each taster to determine whether sipping it neat or adding water is preferable to their unique palate.
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California White Whiskey
As independent and unapologetic as they come, our White Pines Whiskey originates from the same mash bills as our Calaveras Cask Finish straight bourbon whiskies. It was named by a vote of our early enthusiasts after a favorite local lake that once housed a bustling lumber mill. Bottled immediately after distillation, this is an unpretentious and adventurous whiskey for those looking to kick up their cocktail game.
46% abv  |  92 proof  |  750ml  |  $25
Vodka Made From 100% California Wine
Whoever said vodka has no unique qualities never enjoyed the rich flavor of a quality bottling. We start by using 100% California wine that runs over our 20 plate column still. Using only our fresh Sierra Nevada mountain water, we keep our vodka unadulterated and completely free of additives and sugars so that it can be enjoyed in the manner most appreciated by its taster. Pay close attention to its cotton candy-like aromas and creamy mouthfeel before adding it to your favorite cocktail.

Silver Medal at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
40% abv  |  80 proof  |  750ml  |  $27
Vapor Infused with Botanicals Native to the Sierra Nevada
Under the long shadows of pines and cedars, we craft this gin by vapor infusion and use botanicals native to our Sierra Nevada home. Notes of rose hips, elderflower, gooseberry, and ginger root greet the palate while juniper berry provides the backbone if its flavor and aroma profile.
42% abv  |  84 proof  |  750ml  |  $35
Traditional Herbal Liqueur Aged in Oak Barrels
Inspired by the 'kräuterlikörs' of Germany, our Owner/Distiller Nate was determined to craft this spirit and introduce it to American palates. Lightly enhanced with agave syrup, Anorak is both sweet and bitter. It contains 23 herbs and botanicals including cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, chamomile and more, and is traditionally served as a digestif following dinner. Spectacular when sipped neat around a fire, it's also a welcome addition to a winter's coffee or in lieu of bitters in any number of cocktails.
abv and proof varies  |  375ml  |  $23
Seasonally Released Winter Liqueur
A seasonal exclusive released each winter, this lightly sweetened liqueur will transport you to the Alps for a little après-ski libation. Distilled for centuries in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, liqueurs like our Mont Esprit were initially developed by monks for medicinal purposes using localized herbs. They have long since become 'de rigeuer' at alpine chalets and cocktail bars. Mont Esprit's bright peppermint and wintergreen notes greet you immediately, while hints of cinnamon and juniper extend a symphony of flavors. Enjoy chilled on-the-rocks, added to cocoa, or combine with vodka.
37.5% abv  |  75 proof  |  375ml  |  $19