To the Red, White & Blue

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We've rapidly made progress on the many changes to our building so that we can begin distilling our spirits and open our doors in the coming months. While we've been pulling some late nights ourselves, this work takes the talent and dedication of many hands. To the local contractors and craftsmen who have enthusiastically contributed to building Hinterhaus, we tip our hats. This process wouldn't be as seamless or as enjoyable without them.

Bonnie shared a sneak peak into the distillery and tasting room with followers of our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you haven't seen it, follow us @HinterhausDistilling or click our social icons below. She'll be sharing more behind-the-scenes action in the coming weeks!


We want to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and joyful Independence Day. We are living in extraordinary times, but we take solace in remembering how frequently our ancestors faced similar adversity and unanswered questions. Had they not risked all that was dear to them to pursue their dreams, we would not have the example which we aspire to at Hinterhaus.

Having lived in the wild lands of Alaska, to the bustling beaches of the east coast, the verdant Pacific Northwest, and points between, we have personally seen the many faces of America. In the Sierra Nevada, we found a place to stake our own claim like so many have done before us. Over the past few years of living and working here, we've met extraordinary individuals- some who live here and some who visit here. We are fortunate to call Arnold home, and look forward to adding our modest thumbprint to this indelible landscape

Hinterhaus embodies the strength, fortitude and moxie that has forged the American landscape. You, dear enthusiast, are as much a part of that as we are. Two-hundred forty-four years ago, the Continental Congress voted in favor of choosing their own destiny. On this 4th of July, let's raise a glass to meeting our new challenges with courage, dignity and a dram of your favorite spirit.

Here's to carving your own path.

Bonnie & Nate

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